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It was very difficult to accept the fact that whatever I had been doing all the years of my life was just foolishness and actually a Sin. But God helped me & I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior.



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LIGHTHOUSE FOUNDATION would like to continue to serve as a Partner, giving you the opportunity to walk into the harvest fields of India and change the destiny of millions through your prayers and partnership with our national brothers and sisters. A few years from now, as you see lives changed and communities transformed, you will be glad you did! 



Israel was the instrument of God in the Old Testament and His Church is His instrument in the New Testament. We are living in the era of Grace and God wants us to be His Instrument.

To be a serving community who base their lives on Scripture and move in the power of the Holy Spirit to bless the nations by reaching and equipping the Body of Christ through prayer and holistic activities to see India redeemed, restored and transformed.

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